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Feeling Your Baby Move: When to Expect Those Magical Kicks!

Pregnancy is a magical time filled with anticipation, excitement, and lots of changes. One of the most exciting moments is feeling the baby move for the first time. But when does that happen? Many first-time moms may wonder when they will start feeling their baby’s movements.

The timeline for when you start feeling your baby move can vary depending on your body, your baby, and how far along you are in your pregnancy. But typically, most women will start to feel their baby’s movements between 16 and 24 weeks of pregnancy.

For first-time moms, it’s more common to start feeling the baby’s movements closer to the 24-week mark. But don’t worry if you haven’t felt anything yet. Every pregnancy is unique, and it may take longer for you to feel your baby’s movements.

Once you start feeling your baby move, it’s important to pay attention to their movement patterns. Every baby has their own movement routine, so take note of when your baby is most active throughout the day. As you get further along in your pregnancy, the movements will become more frequent and stronger.

But what exactly will the baby’s movements feel like? For some women, it may feel like a little flutter or a gentle poke. Others may describe it as a sensation similar to butterflies in their stomach. As your baby grows, the movements will become more pronounced, and you’ll start feeling kicks, punches, and rolls.

It’s important to remember that if you ever feel concerned about your baby’s movements, you should contact your doctor or midwife right away. They can assess whether everything is progressing normally and provide any necessary guidance.

In conclusion, feeling your baby move for the first time is an exciting milestone in pregnancy. While it’s different for every woman, most first-time moms will start feeling their baby’s movements between 16 and 24 weeks. Pay attention to your baby’s movement patterns, and if you have any concerns, reach out to your healthcare provider.

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Fit for Two: Safe and Comfortable Exercise During Pregnancy

Maintaining an active lifestyle during pregnancy can offer many benefits, including better sleep, reduced stress, and a healthy weight gain. However, many women may be hesitant to exercise while pregnant, fearing that it might harm their unborn child. The good news is, exercising while pregnant is not as complicated as it may sound. With a few safety measures in mind, you and your little one can stay healthy and happy.

Firstly, it’s essential to choose safe and comfortable workouts that suit your body’s changing needs. Some of our favorite workouts to recommend to pregnant women are walking, weights, yoga, dancing, and stretching. Walking is an excellent low-impact exercise that is easy on your joints and can be done anywhere. Lifting light weights can help maintain muscle strength, while yoga and stretching can help improve flexibility and reduce stress.

It’s important to remember that if you were very active before getting pregnant, your growing belly may affect your balance and coordination, and you may need to modify your workout routine accordingly. Be sure to give yourself grace and listen to your body’s signals. If a particular exercise doesn’t feel comfortable, stop and try something else.

It’s also crucial to avoid any contact sports while pregnant, as they pose a risk of injury to both you and your unborn child. Additionally, any exercise that requires lying on your back for an extended period should be avoided after the first trimester.

Finally, we recommend working out for at least 2 ½ hours per week to stay healthy during your pregnancy. However, it’s essential to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any exercise program. Your doctor can provide personalized advice and help you determine the best workout plan for you and your baby.

In conclusion, exercising while pregnant is not as complicated as it might sound, but it’s essential to prioritize safety and comfort. With the right workouts and a little bit of guidance, you can stay healthy and active throughout your pregnancy. Remember to listen to your body and enjoy this beautiful journey of creating life.

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Classes to Look Into when Expecting

Classes are great to look into for many reasons. But one being you get to meet other expecting moms & share each other’s concerns (and excitements) face to face with each other!

Classes are also a great bonding experience for you & your partner! Learning skills together helps bring you closer together.

Find local classes in the area, or try some online classes!

Here are a couple classes we highly recommend trying while pregnant:

Labor & Birthing Class

  • These classes are great for first time moms. Learn your options to make a birth plan for you. Go into childbirth prepared & ease your mind of any concerns or information overload you might be feeling!

Postpartum Prep

  • So many of us are consumed by the preparation of our newest additions; We completely neglect something that is so, so important: Postpartum. Find a postpartum prep class near you & start planning for those months after birth. Prepare YOU for the 4th trimester with one of these classes

Lactation Education

  • Whether you’re planning on breastfeeding or not, your body is still going to produce milk during your pregnancy. Learn all the ins and outs of lactation in one of these classes!
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