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Now introducing SneakPeek Snap!


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DNA Testing 2 DAY results (must be at least 6 weeks*!):


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How accurate is the early gender blood draw?

The early gender blood draw has been reported by SneakPeek Clinical to be over 99.6% accurate in their studies. At Sweet Pea Imagery, while we acknowledge the high accuracy rate provided by SneakPeek Clinical, we always recommend our moms to consider a follow-up gender scan for confirmation. Please be aware that our studio does not necessarily have the same statistical accuracy as the lab, and the results may vary. If the gender of your newborn doesn’t match your test result, you’ll receive a 100% refund of your purchase price.

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2. We collect sample!

Using the painless method of the Sneak Peek Snap, we collect a small amount of blood to send to the lab!

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Sneak Peek lab will email you your results as soon as the following day! Learn more here!



All of our locations now offer same day appointments!

Please Read Before Your Appointment:

1. Remember to drink water before coming to your appointment. Blood draws work best when you are hydrated! 
2. Please wear a tank top under your clothes! We take the blood sample from your upper arm.
3. Please do not bring guests due to the nature of appointment.


Q: How early can I come in to determine gender via blood draws?

A: To be eligible for the gender blood draw, we require a confirmation of at least 6 weeks of pregnancy from your doctor or by an ultrasound at our facility. This ensures that the pregnancy has progressed enough for more accurate results.

Q: How long will my blood draw appointment take?

A: Your blood draw appointment only takes 5-10 minutes in total!

Q: How does the gender determination work?

As early as 6 weeks*, shared fetal DNA is circulating in the other’s bloodstream. We will extract a blood sample and immediately send it back to SneakPeek labs for the fastest turnaround time for results in the industry.

SneakPeek Clinical will process the blood sample and determine if a male Y chromosome is present in the blood. If the lab detects the Y chromosome, then you can expect you’re having a baby boy. If there is no Y chromosome, you can expect a baby girl.

*We are a third party please read here to learn more about SneakPeek’s information here: