Our Gender Guarantee

We often get people asking us how we can determine gender as early as 14 weeks if doctors are unable to. Truthfully, your doctor COULD determine gender much earlier on but if you have a healthy pregnancy, chances are they only order you two ultrasounds because that is all that insurance typically covers: one to determine gestation and one between 18-22 weeks to do all of baby’s measurements. Gender is not a medical necessity because it has nothing to do with the health of your baby, so they don’t schedule an ultrasound strictly for anatomy. That’s where we come in! We spend every day looking at babies purely to determine if they are a BOY or GIRL! We look at your baby from a couple different angles:

This is directly between the legs from right up underneath.

This is looking at baby from a side view to see the pelvic bone.

After looking at baby from these positions as well as making sure the umbilical cord isn’t between the legs or holding anything up, we are able to accurately determine the sex of your baby! IF for any reason the umbilical cord is between the legs or your baby is being exceptionally difficult, we offer a FREE REPEAT SESSION within 2 weeks of your originally scheduled ultrasound to confirm gender! (This rarely happens though as we have AMPLE time to scan your belly; at least 30 minutes is dedicated if baby is being a stinker).
Have more questions? Please call us and we’ll answer them for you!