We’ve all experienced shortages over the past couple of years, but this most recent one has been particularly worrying for many parents: baby formula. With over 43% of formulas being sold out across the country, we understand the concern! We put together this resource for families looking for their baby’s formula.

What stores can I find baby formula at?

Albertson’s – Carries a variety of formula in person
Amazon – Carries a variety of brands online
Bed, Bath & Beyond – Carries Similac and Enfamil in store
BuybuyBaby – Carries several formula brands online
Costco – Carries Enfagrow and other brands online & in store
Food Lion – Carries several formula brands online
H-E-B – Carries Gerber baby formula online
Kroger – Carries a variety of formula in person & online
Rite Aid – Carries a variety of formula in person & online
Safeway – Carries a variety of formula in person & online
Target – Carries a variety of formula in person & online
Thrive Market – Carries organic baby formulas
Walmart – Carries a variety of formula in person & online
Walgreens – Carries a variety of formula in person & online
Whole Foods – Carries organic brands & 1 day shipping with Amazon prime

TIP: Have friends and family keep an eye out at the store for your baby formula. You may not be a regular shopper at Safeway, but your best friend may be! It never hurts to have help from friends and family to keep you stocked up on your baby’s formula.

What should I do if I run out of my baby’s formula?

Before anything, we recommend contacting your pediatrician! They are going to be your best resource for recommendations of similar brands. Some may even have samples they are willing to share!

After checking all of the stores above, you may want to check out some more local stores in your area. Call ahead to save time in your search and cover more stores!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not try making your own baby formula! This can be highly dangerous for your growing baby.

How to switch my baby’s formula?

Even though you may have formula in your area, they still might be out of your baby’s specific brand of formula. Your best option at this point might be switching your baby’s formula to a brand they are carrying & have in stock!

When switching formulas, you’ll want to first contact your pediatrician! They have the knowledge of what brands are similar and what will be the best switch for your baby.

We are happy to help all moms in need during this time! We have a limited supply of Enfamil formula to get you by!

Do you have any additional questions about the formula shortage? Or do you have any tips/advice for other moms in finding formulas? Please let us know!

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